Every job needs to be an advertisement for your organization

You spend thousands of dollars on marketing in order to get people to come to your organization’s jobs. If a candidate applies they are stored in the ATS. If a candidate joins a talent network they are stored in the CRM. The ones who do neither waste as much as 90% of your spend. We give you insight into the 90%. Understand why the right candidates aren’t converting into your CRM or ATS. Every job ad needs to tell a story with the right information to attract the right people. We know what successful hires need to see before they will apply and leverage machine learning to drive automated engagement. We help you get the right information in front of the right candidate at the right time. 

Understand every candidate journey

Analyze each interaction across the full candidate journey using internal and external data. Improve engagement and lifetime value by nudging visitors based on actions they’ve taken and content they have engaged with.

Drive engagement using existing content

Learn which content increases engagement, conversion and hires. Then test ways to improve and adapt based on what worked and didn’t.

Make data-driven decisions at all levels

Enable the whole recruitment team—from executive to individual contributor—to impact KPIs and measure them in real time. Now everyone can use data to be more strategic.

Take control of your candidate traffic.

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